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Running a new business can be an overwhelming process. We want to help ease this process for you. At Ereba we have teamed up with some amazing experts to help build your business on social media, help with returning customers via email marketing, understand your ideal customer, learn how to take amazing images and interior design are among some of the topics we want to cover.

Of course if you have any ideas on topics please let us know as I’m sure that others are probably struggling too!

Our Experts


Kayleigh Mackenzie

Founder/Web Designer

Founder of Ereba, Kayleigh wanted to offer holiday let owners a low cost advertising site and to empower the to take their marketing into their own hands. Kayleigh runs the training on all that is website and website content to help you

Charline van Deth

Social Media Manager

Charline is a social media manager based in the Netherlands. Her experience with working within the tourism industry really made her the ideal expert to be working with you. Her trainings will help you gain a better understanding of social media and how to better promote your business online.

Training Videos

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What social media platform is best for your holiday let business?

Find out what could be the best social media platform for your holiday let business

Charline van Deth


How to optimise images for Ereba and your own website-3

Instagram Basics with Charline

Charline Van Deth


How to optimise images for Ereba and your own website-2

How to list your business on Ereba


10 Mins

How to optimise images for Ereba and your own website

How to optimise images for Ereba and your own website

Learn how to optimise your images for websites.


10 mins

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